Monageng considers suing the BDP

  • Withdraws support for Morwaeng in 2019 election
  • Leaves door open to join opposition


Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s losing candidate in the Molepolole South primary elections Shima Monaganeg is considering suing his party for not granting him an appeal.
Kabo Morwaeng emerged the winner to contest under the BDP ticket in 2019 following a primary election held in January. Monageng then launched an appeal in the process arguing that Morwaeng may have tempered with the election process as a result of being a member of the Political Education Election Committee (PEEC) tasked with preparing and organizing for elections.
Three months after lodging his appeal, Monageng was informed in a letter dated 22nd March 2018 that his appeal was unsuccessful since he failed to tell the returning officer that he did not accept the results immediately following the election.
According to sources, Monageng last Thursday held a meeting with supporters at his residence in Molepolole to inform them of the rejection of his appeal and that he was considering legal action against the party.
“The main aim of the meeting was to tell them that he was unsuccessful in his appeal, because many of his supporters were growing very frustrated about how long the appeal process was taking. They have long advised him to forget about the BDP and contest for 2019 as an independent candidate, but he insisted that they wait for the appeal response and thereafter a decision would be taken,” said a source who attended the meeting.
“Monageng believes justice was not served, he was never called for any meeting to do with his appeal, nor was there any consultation done. He has now come to a point where he feels rejected by the party, and he is thinking of his next move. Even the response does not address the issues he had raised in his appeal,” continued the source.
It is said that he told the gathering that he is currently entertaining three options; to sue to be BDP, to resign from active party politics and lastly to jump the boat and join one of the opposition parties. He is said to have also made it clear that he will not support Morwaeng for the 2019 elections as no one can force him to do so.
Reached for comment Monageng was however reluctant to divulge any further information. “I cannot comment much in this matter, because I do not want to jeopardize my case, so I will not talk about it,” he told The Botswana Gazette.
“As for the meeting I held, it was to notify those in my camp on the result of our appeal. Our appeal was unsuccessful, but we still feel aggrieved,” he explained.
The meeting was also attended by BDP Molepolole South branch Chairperson Dilaki Baitsile and her Secretary.