Mopipi International Brief

Mopipi International is a locally based Non-Governmental Organisation that has embarked on the resuscitation of the Social Marketing strategy of Comprehensive condom programming in Botswana. This initiative stems from the realization that condom use in Botswana has declined as per BAIS IV findings. As a resolution to address these research findings, Mopipi International, funded by NAHPA developed the Safe Ride Campaign

The Safe Ride campaign promotes the use of both female and male condoms, free and commercial, to cater to the various target groups in our communities. The aim of the campaign is to ensure that everyone is informed about the importance of condoms, equipped with skills on condom use, and has access to their preferred and affordable condoms. The Safe Ride Campaign uses nontraditional platforms to distribute condoms such as:

  • Taxis
  • Bars
  • Hair Salons
  • Social Soccer Clubs

Currently we are on the DBS Roadshow through our partnership with Big Dawg Productions, to launch the taxi platform as a medium of condom awareness, education, and distribution. Throughout the Roadshow we will be promoting the taxi platform, by branding them with stickers that read, FREE CONDOMS AVAILABLE IN THIS TAXI, for easy identification by the public. Taxis are an essential medium because unlike other facilities where one can access condoms; taxis operate on a 24 hours basis making the product readily accessible to the public.

We are also happy for the partnership that we have with the various taxi association with regards to this exercise their cooperation and support for this program has been tremendous in all the areas we have covered.
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