Morupisi, Magosi trash Khama’s outcry as lies and deceit

  • Khama says PSP advised him against hiring DISS director
  • Praises Magosi as highly competent, efficient man
  • PSP, Magosi trashes Khama’s outcry as lies and deceit
  • Magosi says Khama told him that it was Kgosi who did not want himTEFO PHEAGE

    The former president Ian Khama and the Permanent Secretary to the President, Carter Morupisi are caught in an repulsive blame game over the recruitment of the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) director, Brigadier Peter Magosi who replaced the former’s ally, Isaac Kgosi.
    Khama told this publication in an interview that at time his brother wanted the services of Magosi, Morupisi advised him against the decision to bring Magosi into the government owing to the circumstances under which he (Magosi) left the government.
    ‘I am shocked that they have recruited Magosi after advising me against hiring him. The PSP at that time informed and advised me against hiring Magosi citing the circumstances under which he left the army and government,” Khama said.
    Morupisi however says this is not true but just deceit by the former president, “that is not true, he should tell you the truth as an elder. I never dealt with such a matter and it was never brought before me. Go back to him and ask him to tell you the truth,” charged a visibly livid Morupisi when confronted with the former president’s account.
    Morupisi‘s account was backed by the DIS director, Magosi who also described the former president’s account as shocking. ‘All I know is that someone had problems with me being there and it is not the PSP. So I am shocked to hear that somebody will want to drag him into this,” he said.
    Pressed further to reveal the names as other sources have been blunt, Magosi opened up: “I bumped into Khama one day in one of my briefings to him as the former president and the issue came up and he informed me that the former DIS director Isaac Kgosi is the one who did not want me,’ Magosi said.
    Magosi further quashed Khama’s assertion as wanting, stating that the ‘absolute power was with Khama as president and hence he must not want to throw anybody under the bus but account for everything that happened.’ He continued that he has long put that past himself and will leave all those who persecuted him to live with their sins as he focuses on the national duty before him.
    Asked for his views on Magosi-the-man, Khama said he knows Magosi from the BDF and described him as a very efficient and competent man. “I cannot really speak about how he will handle the DIS because it’s still early, but what I know is that he is a highly competent and very efficient man,” said Khama who had given his ally Isaac Kgosi a five year contract term at DIS a few days before his exit. The contract was trashed by his successor, Mokgweetsi Masisi immediately upon assuming office.
    Asked about his brother Tshekedi’s reaction towards the refusal to accede to his request to recruit Magosi into the wildlife department, Khama said ‘he was angry and did not hide it.’ Tshekedi is an unapologetic enemy of Kgosi but Khama claims he doesn’t know that Kgosi and his brother do not see eye to eye.
    “I haven’t realized any animosity between them and neither of them has hinted that to me either,’ he said further adding that he would not know about his brother’s remarks in parliament about Kgosi as he did not attend any of the parliament sessions.

    Magosi who is the former head of the army’s intelligence unit left the army under a cloud of controversy following spy wars with the DIS during Kgosi’s leadership. This publication can confirm that the controversial missing spy equipment that Magosi was accusing the then DIS boss of having usurped has been found at the DIS offices with expired licenses when Magosi assumed office. Former Botswana Defence Force Commander, Galebotswe told this publication this week that he ‘partook in the dismissal decision of Magosi.’