MPs push for another salary increase

  • Morwaeng tables bill to establish committee on their remunerations
  • Dikgosi, Councillors also set for salary increase


Members of Parliament (MPs), councillors and Dikgosi could soon be set for yet another salary increase following the presentation of a bill that seeks to establish an “independent” committee on their remunerations by the Minister of State Presidency, Kabo Morwaeng, this week.

Yesterday (Tuesday), Minister Morwaeng proceeded ahead with the second reading of the bill after it was first brought to parliament during last year’s winter parliament. The committee, which will be appointed by the Minister, will be tasked with reviewing the conditions of service of politicians and dikgosi and remunerations in the current financial year. A number of BDP and opposition MPs welcomed the bill. Opposition MP for Ngami Carter Hikuama was one of those who endorsed the bill, stating that politicians and dikgosi need improved conditions of service as a matter of urgency.

BDP Whip Liakat Kablay told The Gazette that MPs will not have any influence on the committee and its recommendations. “Unlike other employees, we do not have a union as MPs, and every time parliament approved the increase in MPs’ salaries, Batswana disagreed with it,” explained Kablay.

Local MPs have frequently complained that they are among the lowest paid legislators in the world. It is speculated that the committee will push for an initial 6% increase in the current financial year.

INFOGRAPHIC: MPs’ monthly salary, excluding allowances.
MPs’ basic salaries (monthly)
The President – P89 588
The Vice President – P78 586
Minister – P60 416
Assistant Ministers – P46 490
The Speaker – P60 416
Deputy Speaker – P46 490
Leader of the Opposition – P46 490
Government Whip – P40 783
Opposition Whip – P39 984
Ordinary MP – P39 197