Ndaba’s BMD faction proposes new party

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  • Members are fed up with Sidney Pilane faction tactics
  • “We cannot cry for a name while we have numbers”
  • Some feel it will be a drawback to opposition coalition
  • “We need a lot of money”


FRANCISTOWN: Many Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) members sympathetic to the Ndaba Gaolatlhe faction seem to prefer forming a new party as they say they are fed up with the tactics of the rival Sidney Pilane faction.
The Ndaba faction this weekend conducted a country wide tour to brief members on the party’s current status as well as what recently transpired at Bobonong congress where the party returned with parallel central committees after violent confrontations between the opposition factions.
In a meeting chaired by Francistown South MP Wynter Mmolotsi and South-East Council Chairperson, Phenyo Segokgo-  many of the members supported the formation of a new party, saying it is high time the leadership started exploring the possibility as they have the numbers compared to the Pilane faction.
They argued that it would be time consuming to go the legal route and will disturb the UDC’s preparations for the 2019 general elections.
“What the Pilane faction wants is to destabilize the BMD then once they succeed they will target the UDC. Even if the formation of a new party comes with some challenges, it is the only solution. We cannot cry for the name while we have lot of following. Let us just leave them with the name and form a new party,” said one member in support of forming a new party.
Some members however expressed caution against the idea, saying it will be difficult to affiliate back to the UDC, considering technical aspects like constituency allocation and others that maybe a draw back to the larger project ahead of the 2019 elections.
“For starters, even though we have numbers forming a movement is not as easy as people think. We need a lot of money to traverse the length and breadth of the country selling the party as well as recruiting new members. The members also noted with concern the time left before the general elections. One factor we have to consider is that we will be working under a limited time in forming this new party. Also, there is likelihood of taking over the constituencies we have already been allocated by some other UDC partners on the grounds that we will have to apply for admission again,” said a member of the faction against the formation of a new party.
Mmolotsi said their committee will explore all the suggestions and proposal from party members then map a way forward. “We believe that in a democratic set up consultation and input of the party members is key. That is why we want to take suggestions from you before mapping the way forward,” he said.