NM and Kes Fitness urge more female trainers

Majority of women are much more comfortable working with a female bodybuilder


Body fitness instructors Nicky Motlhanka and Kessi Malete are encouraging an increase of female body trainers in the country, currently, the duo which goes by the name NM and Kes Fitness are some of the most prominent female fitness trainers in the country and are the founders of the NM and Kes Fitness

“We are trying push more people to work out, fitness is followed by a lot of women but we have a low number of female trainers. We would love to have more women coming on board to be part of this because it is very vital to have more women involved, we are also looking forward to working with the first lady in one of our programmes as a way of empowering women to support in our discipline,” said the duo speaking during the Xmas functional bash, a fitness training event that they had hosted at Gaborone Club this past weekend.

The local body fitness industry is dominated by men who have since developed into house
hold names and have established gyms and workout groups. Research also shows that the majority of women are much more comfortable working with a female bodybuilder because no one else can relate to the female body better than a female itself.

During the Xmas functional bash which was well attended, the duo drilled the attendants in taking various routine workout disciplines. There were also other fitness trainers such as Chyna Mokaila who focused on various disciplines such as self-defence.

“The reason why we hosted this event is that we want to encourage people to work out more often, keep themselves fit and stay healthy. We understand that most people are still afraid and find it difficult to go to the gym due to the pandemic, which is why we have organized an outdoor event with less contact and maximum ventilation. We will continue hosting this event since it is a quarterly event, the next one is early next year,” said the duo.