Notable UB Don Perturbed by Mogae’s Silence

  • Maundeni says Mogae ought to be speaking truth to power as before
  • Says judicial crisis signals a failing state and democracy under siege
  • Creation of pseudo accounts like France Museveni indicates a state under siege



Renowned political scientist and author, Professor Zibani Maundeni, has expressed serious concern about the former President Festus Mogae’s deafening silence amid ongoing cases of politicisation of state institutions and erosion of democracy in Botswana.
Maundeni says just as he did with the Ian Khama administration, Mogae ought to openly criticise President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s “disturbingly rogue” government.

State institutions politicised
“I do not know why high profile figures like the former president Mogae, known for his inclination to call a spade a spade, are so quiet,” the academic politician said in an interview.

“State institutions have been politicised and rendered weak or dysfunctional. With the latest assault on the judiciary, the citizenry has become weak and vulnerable. Creation of social media pseudo accounts like France Museveni to attack state institutions and leaders points to a state under siege.”

Maundeni emphasised that Mogae must never tire of speaking when political institutions collapse and citizens despair because voices of statesmen are often the only hope for restoration of normalcy.

Father figure
“Mogae remains a respected and credible political figure locally and internationally,” he pointed out. “I think he must continue speaking truth to power and persevere to reconcile both President Mokgweetsi Masisi and his predecessor, Ian Khama.”

“He is a father figure to these two and they must both reciprocate by respecting him and his word. I say this because Mogae is also a widely respected liberal democrat from whom they can learn a lot.”

The university teacher holds that Masisi has weaponised state institutions and also cuts the image of a besieged leader who is failing to measure up to expectations of his office.
“I am still to recover from the shock that resulted in the arrest and suspension of the police commissioner and the DCEC shenanigans” he said. “Currently there is so much uncertainty at the DPP and the Attorney General’s office. We cannot go on like this.”

Khama partly to blame
Taking his scimitar to Khama, Maundeni said the former president must exit from political activism. “He is partly one of the reasons why Masisi behaves the way he does,” the UB don said.

“I think Khama needs to stop being active in politics in order for Masisi to rest and focus on leading the nation undisturbed. Their tiff has rendered this nation asunder and ungovernable.”

Efforts to reach former president Mogae proved futile at the time of going to press.