“Olopeng is a ceremonial MP”- Moatlhodi

Says he failed to make follow ups on proposed projects he left  


TONOTA: Former Tonota MP and National Assembly Deputy Speaker Pono Moatlhodi has labelled the current area MP, Thapelo Olopeng, a “ceremonial MP”, saying instead of following up the development projects he left, he was more focused on his friendship with Khama and music festivals.
Speaking at a UDC rally over the weekend, Moatlhodi said Olopeng, who is also the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture had killed his legacy. “When I ascended to parliament from the council, my intention was only to spend 15 years then pave a way for someone who will takeover but unfortunately that did not go well as planned because of Olopeng,” he said, explaining that the MP was only keen on organizing music festivals that encourage the youth to drink alcohol instead of attending to his unfinished legacy.
“Olopeng is just a ceremonial MP who is only concerned about his friendship with Khama. What is disheartening is his lack of understanding of the constituency’s plight, but I am not surprised because he does not interact with his constituents. I wish at least he could make follow ups to my legacy,” charged Moatlhodi.
At the height of the public demonstrations by #unemploymentmovement, Olopeng posted on his Facebook wall that the youth should stay out of politics when seeking to have their concerns addressed.
Olopeng became Tonoto South MP on the BDP ticket after defeating his closest rival, Moatlhodi, by 7 018 to 5 179 in the 2014 general elections.
Several efforts to put Moatlhodi’s criticism to Olopeng for his response failed as his mobile phone rang unanswered.