Olopeng threatens to dissolve BOMU

  • Questions eligibility of the executive committee and its mandate
  • Gives them six months ultimatum to execute their plans or face consequences
  • “Artists join executive committee for personal gains”


FRANCISTOWN: The Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture Development, Thapelo Olopeng, has threatened to dissolve the troubled Botswana Music Union (BOMU) amid alleged controversies that continue to rock the musician union.
In fact, Olopeng wants to give the union leadership an ultimatum of six months to put their house in order or else face the consequences. The concerned minister made the threats last week during an interactive session with local artists from the northern region. The threats came on the backdrop of concerns raised by the artists concerning the mandate and how it is run. Olopeng questioned the BOMU mandate and eligibility of the current committee wondering why artists are always protesting about the union especially prior to and after every elective congress.
“I am yet to meet the newly elected committee to confront them about their mandate because from observation it seems like people only contested BOMU positions for their personal gain. Once they have cleared their mandate I will give them six months to execute it, but if they fail to perform diligently I will find a clause that gives me powers to dissolve the committee or even the union,” he threatened.
For a very long time BOMU and its members have been on a collision course, with members accusing the leadership of maladministration and violation of the constitution. Recently concerned BOMU members wrote a letter to Register of Societies seeking intervention.
“As concerned members of BOMU we have noted that since back in 2015, the executive committee that has been running BOMU violated the constitution noting the following as point of our contention. As per the Constitution on Article 8.4.1 The Executive committee has violated the constitution for the past two years by not holding the Annual General Assembly Meeting (AGM).  Article 8.6.1 Proper procedure of notifying the Special Assembly meeting was not followed. We further point out that the communication means used are not regulated by the constitution as the Secretary General used his personal social media account (Facebook) to disseminate official correspondence to all organization structures,” reads part of the letter.
Reached for comment BOMU Vice President Onkutule Tshenolo Mojaboswa said it was unfortunate for the minister to make the threats without approaching the committee to get first-hand information. Mojaboswa said if indeed there is any complaint, artists should approach them to formally lodge their concerns. “If there is complaints we would not know because no one has ever approached us. What I only know is that the committee is trying by all means to fight for artists’ welfare,” Mojaboswa told The Botswana Gazette.