Op-ed by MP Moswaane

“Good evening fellow countrymen, I came across a disturbing letter in which the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development is instructing Council Secretaries & City Clerks to terminate COVID-19 Scorpions contracts.

It’s not only a breach of contract but general misconduct and lack of responsibility as portrayed by the Ministry. MLGRD will be the downfall of Botswana as we know it, a ministry tasked with helping Batswana has turned into a monster which terrorises Batswana day in day out.

First it was the discontinuation of the Ipelegeng program which benefited multitudes of Batswana. Secondly, it was the failure to manage and deliver COVID-19 food basket relief to the intended targets.

Lastly, it was the total disregard of contracts you signed with COVID-19 Scorpions on many occasions. It seems like we are fighting a war on three fronts, against COVID-19 pandemic, corruption and series of abuse by MLGRD.

Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development errors & blunders are a powder keg to a disaster waiting to happen. This ministry is single handedly frustrating all efforts by government and reversing 54 years of progress within one year
My request still stands, honour contracts you signed with COVID-19 Scorpions.

The general lack of consistency portrayed by MLGRD is a clear indication of incompetence by both the PS & the Minister responsible. The above letter lacks political correctness & botho. Cancellation of contracts amounts to cruelty and encouragement of modern day slavery.

Food hampers worth 2 million Pula are locked at Matlala Junior School. Leseding hall in Francistown is also full of food hampers which are shoved down the throats of destitute programs beneficiaries by force. That’s what we should be worried of, instead of committing deliberate blunders that will make the Botswana Government vulnerable to lawsuits.

Thank you

Hon Moswaane