OP to bar MPs from speaking ill of Masisi

No more off ensive language in parliament


The Ministry of State Presidency is finalizing a new draft code of conduct for Members of Parliament (MPs) that “seeks to promote, respect and uphold Botswana’s core values of Botho and Kagisano in parliament,” according to Assistant Minister of State Presidency Dumezweni Mthimkhulu.

Whilst the draft is yet to be made public, MPs will not be allowed to use any offensive language or even “speak ill” against the President, Speaker, Leader of the House and other members. Assistant Minister of State Presidency Dumezweni Mthimkhulu recently told parliament that the bill is almost complete and will be brought to the floor of parliament soon. The Speaker will be empowered with powers to suspend or ban a member if they contravene the new code of conduct.

“The code of conduct will ensure that MPs always serve their constituents with integrity and humility. And most importantly the draft is a guiding tool on how members are supposed to honorably conduct themselves in and outside parliament,” said Mthimkhulu.
The Minister of State Presidency Kabo Morwaeng is also expected to propose amendments to the standings orders during this current sitting of parliament, which will also block MPs from making any submission against the President.

“We need to stop defaming one another as MPs,” he said. “Some of the statements we make against one another have the potential to tarnish your name forever. Also, we must learn to respect the President, that is we why we want MPs not to be allowed to use the name of the President in their debates. If you have any evidence against the President, MPs know where to take it,” said Chief Whip Liakat Kablay.