According to the Human Trafficking statistics in Botswana, from February 2019 to date the country has sixteen(16) cases that are before the courts and a total of forty nine (49) victims of human trafficking that need shelter, access to health facilities, food, clothing and other forms of protection.

This was revealed by the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Thomas Kagiso Mmusi yesterday at the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons commemoration in Gaborone.

“If we take the various acts and means that constitute to the crime of human trafficking in accordance with the Anti Human Trafficking Act of 2014, I think you will agree that our statistics may not necessarily reflect the situation on the ground,” said Mmusi.

The United Nations Biennial Global Trafficking in Persons Report indicated in 2018 that 31 percent of all victims of human trafficking in Sub Saharan Africa were trafficked for sexual exploitation, and that 63 percent were trafficked for purposes of labour exploitation, whilst 5 percent were trafficked for other forms of exploitation.

“It is a pleasure to announce today that we have taken a decision to develop the Biennial Trafficking in Persons Report for the Republic of Botswana which will be available online before the end of this year,” he revealed.