P4BN for power supply projects


The ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security will spend close to P4 billion for power generation and distribution program which includes an estimated P600 million that will go towards the completion of Morupule A refurbishment project.
This is according to Minister Sadique Kebonang who was presenting National Development Plan (NDP) 11 for his ministry to parliament on Monday.
“The first programme under the energy Infrastructure Development sub-sector is the power generation and distribution programme with a total estimated cost of P3 865 600 000. Specific projects under this programme include completion of Morupule A refurbishment project at P600 million,” he said.
Other programmes under the project include the completion of the North West Power Transmission line at P1.6billion, completion of the Rakola Substation at P814 600 000, Transmission Backbone Infrastructure Reinforcement at P208 000 000, Isang/Morupule B 400 KV Line at P443 000 000 and the Zimbabwe-Zambia-Botswana-Namibia (ZIZABONA) Transmission project at P200 000 000.
Morupule A power station was shut down the by the government in 2013 as Morupule B came online. The government has since sourced funds to renovate and restore Morupule A as Morupule B continues to be infested with operational challenges.
In March 2016 Doosan Heavy Industries; a Korean Company secured P2.5 billion contract to refurbish the 132 MW plant from BPC. The first turbine was expected go into operation in 2017. However, plans to return Morupule A to its full 132 MW capacity with a life span of 20 years has since hit another hiccup according to media reports.
Just recently, it was reported that the contracting company that was awarded the tender to refurbish the power station is facing delivery and challenges as employees are reported to have downed tools protesting poor working conditions and late payments.