Police cagey about “whistle blower” France Museveni complaints

  • Say they can only investigate once there is a complainant
  • Insiders say several reports have been made but Museveni remains at large
  • Opposition believes it is a pseudo account operated by Domkrag and DISS

The Botswana Police Service (BPS) says it does not want to discuss the profile and activities of a controversial Facebook pseudo account styled ‘France Museveni’ that specialises in digging dirt on politically connected individuals mainly opposed to the current government and publishing it.

In a recent press statement titled Museveni as a Secret Operative of the Establishment, the opposition bloc called the account the work of a “Masisi-led BDP and DIS” smear campaign.

Asked about transgressions against the law that may be perpetrated by the often hair-raising content published under the pseudonym of France Museveni, the police would not answer. “We don’t discuss reported or potential suspects of particular crimes except when somebody has appeared in court,” said BPS spokesman Dipheko Motube, who added that they cannot investigate anyone when nobody has complained about the person.

Many people, mainly high profile political personalities, have complained that Museveni seems to be untouchable and remains at large in spite of the secret files on notables that he publishes that may constitute cyber abuse and complaints being made to the police.

While many social media users have dismissed Museveni as a fake news account, other users believe it is legitimate.

Asked about the capacity of the police to enforce laws against cybercrimes, Motube responded: “We have the capacity but there is space for improvement as always. There are countless success stories, some of which are currently before the courts.”