Political Scientist Bursts Ndaba’s Bubble

  • Mistrust on opposition, BDP’s biggest beneficiary
  • Mohwasa blames The Botswana Gazette for being biased against the UDC and shoots down the analysis


Observers believe the splintering opposition parties and particularly the recent formation of a new party, the Alliance for Progressives(AP) will only work to benefit the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).
Speaking to this publication after the formation of AP, Political Scientist Ronald Badubi said the AP is likely to grow at the expense of UDC and BDP will be the biggest beneficiary come 2019.
“Before the formation of the new party, the country’s democracy was moving towards a defecto two-party system in the form of the ruling BDP and opposition. It was a good development for the country’s democracy in that a strong UDC was going to keep the BDP responsive and accountable. The formation of the AP is likely to erode the strength of the UDC thus undermining what could have become a vibrant two-party system in the system in the lead up to the 2019 elections and beyond,” Badubi said.
Badubi does not believe Botswana has ever had a multi-party representation saying “We have always had a one-party dominated democracy.” He says the opposition’s fragmentation has over the years consolidated the BDP’s dominance. “What is preferable is a system where you have a strong and united opposition to keep the ruling party in check. The new party is likely to perpetuate the dominant party system which is unhealthy for a democracy,” he pointed out.
BDP Secretary General Mpho Balopi reiterated Badupi’s statements for their part, they mistrust and are dismayed by the current state of affairs in the opposition. He however could not quantify the gain of BDP from the current UDC fracas that  led to the formation of a new party.
When reached for comment UDC Spokesperson Moeti Mohwasa was not pleased with the analysis made by the political scientist and also attacked The Botswana Gazette saying, “it is not surprising coming from The Gazette.” Mohwasa blamed The Botswana Gazette of taking “an antagonistic against the UDC.”
“That is misguided, subjective and influence by frolic. Can they prove that with empirical evidence. It is also not surprising especially coming from The Gazette,” said Mohwasa.