PSLE 2018 exams out with 99.90 per cent pass rate

  • Only 29 obtained U

Chedza Mmolawa

Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) Executive Secretary, Professor Brian Mokopakgosi has announced that the Primary School Leavers Examinations (PSLE) results are officially out. He said this year’s results are satisfactory as there has been an overall improvement in the quality of results by 1.2 per cent compared to last year.

“This year the PSLE has recorded a pass grade of 99.90 per cent. By 99.90 per cent we mean those who obtained grade E and above. And of the 99.90 per cent, 72.82 per cent obtained a credit pass,” he said. The executive secretary said 46432 candidates took the exams this year compared to 44427 candidates last year.

Mokopakgosi revealed that of the 46432 candidates, 8941 candidates obtained grade A showing an improvement of  2.1 per cent, 8887 candidates obtained grade B showing an improvement of 0.36 per cent, while 15963 obtained grade C, 9094 obtained grade D, 3501 obtained grade E, 29 obtained grade U and 17 obtained grade X. However, Mokopakgosi explained that grade X was obtained by those who failed to write over the exam period. Mokopakgosi said like in previous years, girls continue to outperform the boys in quality.

BEC noted that Ghanzi region emerged as the most improved region by 6.07 per cent. “On the other hand, the South East region remained the highest performer leading by 33.09 per cent followed by the North East.” Mokopakgosi said over the past three years their focus has been on working alongside the media in explaining the processes that they follow in producing the examinations.

“Examination personnel this year were very exceptional. They worked well with the students that’s why we were able to produce the results within two weeks of writing of exams. There was significant cooperation and I hope it will continue as we are going to the marking of Junior Certificate Examinations (JCE) and Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Examination (BGCSE) which are starting today (Monday),” he said.

Mokopakgosi further explained that three exams are written in Botswana and they each serve a different purpose. He said the PLSE is a diagnostic examination. He said it is designed to close gaps in the learning process so that feedback can be given and when students proceed to form one, their teachers in form one are in a position to know the areas of focus. He also explained that on the other hand JCE and BGCSE are used for selecting purposes.

“JCE results helps in the selection to senior secondary school, while BGCSE helps with the selection to tertiary,” he said. The executive secretary said the plan of the BEC is to release the JCE exams on the 3rd of January 2019 while BGCSE will be released during the 2nd week of February 2019.