The Permanent Secretary to the President,Elias Magosi who is also cousin to the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) director,Brigadier Peter Magosi has denied any knowledge of the P15 million elections deal and debt between the DIS and World of Oath.

According to the letter of demand, World of Oath has slapped the Spy agency, which falls under PSP Magosi’s Ministry with a P15 million bill for what they allege is a payment for the services rendered over the elections period.

Speaking to this publication, PSP Magosi said he was clueless about the said deal and the debt in particular.

” I know nothing about that issue,” he said in a brief interview.

The Presidency and the ruling party have remained mum on the serious allegations and have not moved an inch to clarify or refute the reports.

World of Oath,a relatively unknown company, this week revealed that they want their payment from the DIS after they were engaged by Peter Magosi for among other services, to provide media intelligence gathering services, social media influencer tracking and gathering, reverse engineering media influence creator, influencer blasting services and media account duplex tracking.

They have warned that they will spill the beans should the DIS director continue with his attitude to threaten them.

Who is World of Oath?

Not much is known about the company.Both Google and the now accessible Companies and Intellectual Properties Authority (CIPA) website search engines are not of any assistance either but impeccable sources say the company is linked to a high ranking Botswana Democratic Party official whose name is known to this publication.

The expose’ according to sources has shook the party to its roots and efforts are currently underway to find a way out of the scandal.

Despite all these,World of Oath says should the DIS continue to dilly-dally about their payment,they will head straight to court and expose everything to the public.