PSP Confirmation Unsettles DCEC

  • But DCEC head Tymon Katlholo is reportedly against approaches to drop probe into her


Former Accountant General Emma Peloetletse’s recent confirmation as Permanent Secretary to the Presidency and Cabinet is reported to have unsettled DCEC investigators who have been probing her for alleged corruption.

The status of the case was last reported “to be concluded soon”. However, insiders say nothing much really has been investigated since Peloetletse was appointed Acting PSP. “There were always going to be challenges investigating our boss. Now that she has been confirmed, we might just shelve the case,” said one insider.

In an interview this week, DCEC director Tymon Katlholo said while he appreciates the public interest associated with the case, he does not think it is right to comment on the matter. “I know that we have previously granted media interviews about this case but I don’t think we need to continue doing that because like many other suspects, the PSP deserves some degree of dignity,” Katlholo said.

He added that the media and the public should wait for the matter to be brought to a logical conclusion. Peloetletse has a pending corruption case that was reported to DCEC in 2019 by the Chairman of Botswana Public Officers Pensions Fund, Solomon Mantswe, through a letter dated 23 August 2019.

The said letter alleged that Peloetletse, one the fund managers, was a beneficiary of a luxurious jazz festival trip to Cape Town sponsored by Capital Management Botswana (CMB) in March/April 2017. The letter further says Peloetletse was informed of the allegations and requested to respond to them through a letter dated 17 May 2019.

At its sitting of 22 August 2019, the Board of the Fund considered the matter and resolved to refer it to DCEC for investigation, according the said letter.

This week, DCEC director Tymon Katlholo proved taciturn when asked about the matter. “The matter may be among several others which I still have to look into. As you may be aware, I found several matters here and I am still looking into those,” he said briefly
The official spokesman of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Andrew Sesinyi, was not available to say whether the highest office in the land was aware of Peloetletse’s investigation before her appointment.

Insiders have expressed concern that there may be attempts to kill the case. However, investigators reportedly want to go ahead with the matter. “It appears Katlholo is not cooperating with calls to close the case,” said another source.

Concerns are that the trip to Cape Town could have contributed in the rise of the CMB portfolio. In response to the accusations, Peloetletse confirmed the trip and invitation by CMB, saying it was nothing extraordinary as board members have always received such invites.

She denied that the trip could have contributed in the increase of the CMB portfolio. “The decision was made in accordance with the Fund’s rules and the minutes of the meeting where the decision was made are available,” she said.

Peloetletse said at the time of the trip invitation, she informed the Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Pensions Fund who approved of it.