Questions Emerge as DISS Reinstates     “Butterfly”

  • Not a word to explain the remarkable turn of events

Staff Writer

The reinstatement of Welheminah Maswabi codenamed “Butterfly” by the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) which she is currently embroiled in a series of legal suits is likely to raise more questions than answers.

The controversial DISS agent has been back at work at the secret service since last week.

Despite the issue being of huge national and international interest, no public explanation has been made to reconcile her reinstatement and the alleged serious crimes that she purportedly committed against the state.

Back on duty

This week Maswabi’s lawyer, Unoda Mack, confirmed that “Maswabi, who has been on DIS full pay, reported back for duty last week”.

But Mack declined to answer questions that sought to establish the terms of her reinstatement. “It is still early to do that,” was all Mack said.

“Butterfly,” who is currently suing the state for defamation, has been accused of financing acts of terrorism, being in possession of unexplained property and false declaration for a passport but the charges were quashed by the court as fabricated.

Highly placed sources suggest that both parties have run out of steam in their agendas and may be exploring options for reconciliation and settlement.

Chief Justice Terrence Rannowane has stated in a letter to President Mokgweetsi Masisi that “Butterfly” was brought to court on fabricated evidence.

Fabricated evidence

“We are all aware of the Wilheminah Maswabi case where the accused was brought to court on fabricated evidence,” he wrote to the President last year. “That particular case caused untold reputational damage to our criminal justice system, not just here at home but abroad.

“As head of the judiciary, I get concerned when our institutions’ professional image takes a hit. Infact, I am on record in one of my legal year speeches expressing regret about the tendency of charging people first and investigating the case thereafter.”