Ram gets his way, defeats old board members

Choppies shareholders have just voted against the adjournment of the Emergency General Meeting, which the board wanted adjourned to allow suspended CEO Ramachandran Ottapathu to attend.disciplinary hearing first.

The shareholders will now proceed to vote on whether Ram should be reinstated as CEO or not. Further the shareholders will vote for or against Ram’s choice of additional board appointees against those nominated by the board.

The new Choppies board members as per the shareholders vote are:

Farouk Ismail
Ram Otthapathu
Rom Pritchard
Carol Jean Howard

All other board members have failed to pass the 50+1 threshold and will step down. Former President Festus Mogae will remain Chairman until he steps down.

Below is the results of the EGM vote;

Farouk Ismail votes for 55%
Wilfred Mpai botes for 47.90%
Dorcus Kgosietsile votes for 5.8%
Ronald Tamale votes for 48%
Heinrich Standar votes for 48.6%
Ram Ottapathu votes for 52.06%
Kenny Nwosu votes for 48%
Oabona Michel votes for 1.8%
Tom Pritchard votes for 77.75%
Carol Jean Howard votes for 51.2%

Anything below 51% did not pass