Roy Sesana contract renewal not guaranteed-PS

  • PS says they are yet to assess his role and make a determination
  • Nobody can silence Sesana -Moitoi


The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the Local government and Rural Development, Khumo Matlhare said that he could not confirm if Basarwa activist, Roy Sesana’s contract with government will be renewed when it comes to an end.
Sesana’s contract, Matlhare revealed is like any other and will be subject to scrutiny and assessment to determine whether he deserves a renewal or not.
Sesana, who does not have formal education, was in 2016 hired as the Central Kalahari Game Reserve community facilitator, a post which was created by directive to the Ghanzi District Council.
The position, created specifically for Sesana, was necessitated by the need to have a person who could play a facilitating role between government and the CKGR community regarding their requests for provision of services and establishment of income generating projects within the game reserve.
Updating the media yesterday on the work of the four ministerial taskforce dispatched by former president Ian Khama in 2016 to restore services in CKGR, the Minister of Local government, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi said they have learnt a lot in and about CKGR.
“We learnt a lot and continue to engage with Basarwa and the Gantsi District Council. As we speak almost all the services have been restored despite a few challenges. You will recall that at a time when we moved to engage Basarwa we were accused of trying to silence their leader, Sesana. But nobody can silence Sesana and we all know it,” she said.
Speaking to this publication from the sidelines of the press conference, the Permanent Secretary, Matlhare said they are yet to assess Sesana’s work to decide on his contract renewal. “Like anybody else, his contract will be decided upon after assessment of his work. We will then decide whether we can renew it or not,” Matlhare revealed, noting that there are continued challenges with respect to Boreholes which are yet to be drilled.
Sesana’s post attracts a monthly salary of P3,800 including sitting allowances from his CKGR committee. His four roles include “liaison officer between the residents of CKGR and the government through Ghanzi District Council, chairperson of the CKGR Consultative Committee, he initiates discussions on relevant CKGR issues in consultation with the residents and lastly he plays a leading role at the local level on behalf of the residents’ Consultative Committee. The council has rationalised the post of Administration Assistant I (B2) position. The post will be offered on contract for a period of three years.”
The document that created his post reveals, would be the chairperson of a CKGR Committee, which will be comprised of one representative from six settlements being Molapo, Mothomelo, Metsiamanong, Gugama, Kikao and Gope. The document further says the committee members shall receive a sitting allowance of P250.
The outspoken Sesana has a secretary who is also the secretary to the CKGR Committee.
It is not yet clear how Sesana will take the matter should the government decide not to renew his contract. At the time at which he was engaged, pundits said the move by the government was aimed at silencing Survival International which was working with him to attack Botswana and de-campaign her diamonds.