Ruling in DIS-DCEC rift expected Friday

  • Political analysts warn ruling is unlikely to address the core of the conflict
  • Political analyst Maundeni blames President Masisi for the turn of events


The highly-anticipated ruling in a case in which the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crimes (DCEC) and the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) are fighting in court is expected on Friday.

While the case – which is under a certificate of urgency – may be expected to resolve the DCEC-DISS wrangle, political and legal experts see the problem persisting even post the ruling by Lobatse High Court judge Reuben Lekorwe.

Said political analyst Professor Zibani Maundeni in an interview: “While the DCEC chief Tymon Katlholo’s attempt to stand up to DISS is commendable, the truth of the matter that the High Court ruling will not address the rot which seems to be encouraged by the Office of the President.”

“It is wrong for the DISS chief to be doing as he pleases. It started with the police commissioner and now it is the DCEC director. The nation longs to hear the President’s voice or see his intervention but there is none. The only conclusion to be reached from this silence is that the presidency is behind all that is happening or (it) is encouraging it.”
In the professor’s view, there is a serious need for level-headed and sober mediation to stop the bickering because it is exposing the state as an institution. A lawyer who preferred anonymity said chances are high that the case and the ruling will leave some egos bruised on both sides. “This clearly is not the end,” the lawyer asserted. “Egos have been bruised and as in any war there shall be consequences. Only a mature leadership can solve this.”

In the case at the Lobatse High Court, DCEC wants DIS stopped from seizing its investigation files (DCEC’s) which DIS says relate to some cases of national security that the secret service is investigating.

On the other hand, DCEC says the files relate to matters in which DIS officers, some of them very senior, are under investigation for soliciting bribes amounting to P100 million. DIS in turn has accused Katlholo of being alarmist and dramatic.