Saleshando defends bcp membership in udc

  • Says they are ready for any challenge
  • Says BCP is not bothered by those who question their membership


FRANCISTOWN: Botswana Congress Party (BCP) President Dumelang Saleshando has challenged those who question the BCP’s membership in the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) to take the legal route.
Addressing a rally in Francistown over the weekend, Saleshando, who is also the UDC Vice President, called on political rivals who questions the BCP’s membership to take their complaints to the High Court. Saleshando said those who still question BCP membership are those who are against the change of government. “We are not bothered by people who go around questioning our membership. Whether BCP joined UDC in compliance with the Umbrella’s constitution or not, they have to admit that it is now part of UDC. There is no doubt that we are now UDC contracting partners. As BCP we are ready to fight whoever questions our membership. BCP has fought so many battles in court and won them. So we are not afraid of whoever will drag us to court to question our membership. We are ready for any challenge because we are a UDC contracting partner.”
The BCP President queried why the BMD is only raising questions over BCP’s membership now that they have been suspended when in the past they never contested BCP’s participation. “There is no need to question our membership as we honoured and met all the necessary requirements before joining the UDC. We do not know where this noise about our membership is coming from because we are legitimate UDC partners. Those who are still questioning BCP membership want to give the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) another term of ruling,” emphasized Saleshando.
BCP’s membership of the UDC has been a source of contention, especially from BMD and Botswana Peoples Party (BPP). The latter have been contesting BCP’s integration into the Umbrella, insisting that it was unprocedural. BPP resolved to boycott all UDC meetings on the grounds that BCP should not be allowed to participate in UDC meetings.
A fortnight ago following BMD’s suspension from UDC addressed a political rally in Mochudi where they denounced BCP’s membership to the Umbrella. The BMD leadership blamed BCP for the infightings engulfing the party.