Seloko Launches P2 Million Pula Support To Schools


It is not often that a small business would go all out to extend a gesture of benevolence towards government but that was the case last week when the founder and Director of Bizkid International who is also an international speaker at Moshe Seloko International announced a P2 million support to 5 junior schools around the country over a period of 5 years.
Speaking at the prize giving ceremony at the Bonnington Junior Secondary School in Gaborone, Moshe Seloko emphasized the importance of education and the need for students to be inspired to reach their academic goals. “It is only those with dreams and a thirst to realise their dreams that will triumph at the end. The future belongs to those who create it and there is no way there can be creation before formation. So it all starts today, with us imagining the kind of future we aspire for,” he counselled the students.
The internationally celebrated Botswana born, Pretoria based global speaker, cautioned the teachers as well to take the same message and run with it. To the teachers he said, “There is no way we can strive for excellence before we form it.” Seloko said that success in anything starts with an imagination or thought followed by the right action plan. He challenged the teachers to see their students as their own children and treat them like they were theirs.
Seloko spoke highly of the quality of education he obtained from government schools during his time as a student. “Though the curriculum may not have changed much, the environment and conditions of learning have certainly changed. It was the small things that made all the difference”, said the charismatic speaker.  He continued to regale about his school days saying, “I remember I had a teacher at Taung Primary School in 1989, Mrs. Tlaang; she would visit my parents, at home to discuss my school performance and ensure that they understood the value of education in my life and the need to stay focused in my work. I know we cannot have teachers visiting every parent but we can improve the teacher – student relationship, that alone can improve a student’s performance. It is the little extra things that teachers, parents, and private organizations do that can make all the difference, remember the difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people is the word extra. The extra little effort we put makes all the difference.”
He said that he started his brand just from a dream and he now enjoys the perks that go with the title ‘International Speaker’.  “Having started my business from just a dream, I believe the same inspiration can be diffused into any student ultimately turning their dreams in to reality,’’ he encouraged the students before announcing the staff and student development program that will be rolled out to five selected schools that his company intends to adopt over the next five years. Seloko pledged to avail support of up to P80 000 every year to each of the five schools to help with teachers and students’ personal development seminars with some going to the prize giving ceremonies to cover for logistics and prizes. The company has already supported Bonnington and Molopo River Schools collectively with almost P110 000 this year.
A teacher at Bonnington school, Arthur Matshameko, expressed his gratitude towards Seloko for the support he offered the school.