Seloko Warns Christians Against “Blind Faith”


Christians in Palapye recently received a festive gift from the Botswana-born and Pretoria-based international speaker, Moshe Seloko, in the form of a free entry to a transformational leadership seminar held at the Botsalo Cresta Hotel. This came as a response to a post that circulated on social media cautioning Christians not to only be heard and seen shouting “I receive” at churches while they do nothing for themselves.
Over 80 Christians from different churches gathered to experience a mind transforming, power packed 12 hours entrepreneurship revolutionary seminar that saw people travelling as far as Francistown, Letlhakane, Serowe, Gaborone and Selibe Phikwe. With his powerful charismatic voice, the internationally recognized inspirational speaker reminded Christians of a scripture in the bible that says “My people perish because of lack of knowledge” and stated that as a result, Christians have turned out to be just followers who do not question but take everything as it comes and in the process becoming slaves of the word without experiencing its power personally. He said Christians must study and read the bible in order to understand and in turn be able to apply it fruitfully in order to transform their lives. He supported his statement with the scripture that says people should not be conformed to the things of the world but be willing to be transformed by the renewal of mind, which he says was the core of the seminar, The Mind Transformation.
Seloko explained ‘the power of the mind’ to attendants of different academic backgrounds, diverse social status and varied age groups ranging from 18 to 75, likening the mind and brain to a computer and its software. He said the mind is a powerful software that operates the brain and has unimaginable power and ability to imagine, create and form anything. “The imaginations were later turned into objects and reality through the process of creation. And if we can all embrace the power of thoughts and imagination, we are highly likely to experience an unimaginable amount of growth in our lives,” said the humorous and enchanting Seloko.
For her part, the seminar host, Neelo Pearl Jone, a resident pastor at ECG Palapye implored the Christian community not only to base their lives on prayer alone but also act on their prayers in order to yield results. She advised attendants to open their eyes as they go on with their daily lives in their own areas of residence, listen to people’s complaints and craft solution as Albert Einstein once said “In the middle of problems lies opportunities”.