Spaghetti junction completion date in doubt

  • The project missed the initial scheduled date
  • The project is currently at 49 percent completion


FRANCISTOWN: The Minister of Transport and Communications Tshenolo Mabeo and Francistown Mayor Sylvia Muzila have expressed doubt over the scheduled completion date of the ongoing grade separation junction commonly known as The Spaghetti.
The spaghetti junction which is part of the Francistown/Tonota dual carriage started in February 2015 and was scheduled to be completed in August this year. Ultimately the project missed the initial scheduled completion date. Eventually the engaged project Consultant, Carthage Matlhaga from Pula Consultant requested extension until next year February- as he cited the relocation of services from the construction area as one of the factors which prompted the delay.
However last week, during the second tour of the project Matlhaga promised that though currently the project is at 49 percent, come next February, it would be complete. “Our date of completion remained unchanged. Hopefully when this scheduled time arrived, the project will be complete. It has to be considered that we missed the initial completion date due relocation of services. Mind you some of these stakeholders took long to relocate their services because they have to outsource,” he argued.
Stakeholders however expressed doubt over the scheduled completion date of the Spaghetti junction, asking how the project can finish within 5 months when it took 18 months to finish the current phase. “You took 18 months to complete 49 percent of the project, so how can you finish the remaining 51 percent in five months,” asked a concerned Muzila who said the contractor should have considered circumstances beyond his control before false raising the nation’s hope.
For his part Mabeo, said the contractor failed to implement catch-up measures as he had promised. “During my first tour you promised to come up with some catch-up measures but you are still behind…if you can implement those measures maybe you complete might complete within the scheduled time,” he advised.