State shifts Focus to Seleka Springs

  • DIS, DCEC eager to search Khama’s residence for Seleka Springs documents
  • Khama lawyers say state is stymied because it has no search warrant


The state has allegedly decided to turn up the heat on former president Ian Khama’s dealings with arms consultancy firm Seleka Springs, which is owned by Khama’s younger brothers, Tshekedi and Anthony.

Law enforcement agencies were poised to swoop on Khama’s residence in Gaborone in search of possible evidence of his dealings with the consultancy firm but were unable to enter because they did not have a search warrant.


Only DIS agents present
“There was no search warrant,” said Khama’s lawyer, Tebogo Tladi. “But even if it they had one, on whom would they serve it with Khama being outside the country? Only DIS officers are available at State House 4.”

It is understood that the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crimes and the Directorate on Intelligence and Security (DIS) have launched a new bid to investigate possible corruption dealings linked to Khama and Seleka Springs.

Last month, DIS wanted both Tshekedi and Anthony for questioning but it could not be done because the twin brothers are currently in exile in South Africa.

Meanwhile, The Botswana Gazette reported in July 2020 that DIS had asked all government institutions to cut their dealings with Seleka Springs.


Seleka Springs benefitted P100m
In 2015, then Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Shaw Khathi, told Parliament that between 1989 and 2012, Seleka Springs had benefitted over P100 million by acting as agents for companies doing business with the BDF.

Kgathi also revealed that the company was also awarded a tender to supply Botswana Police Service with rifles and pistols in 2000.

In 2014, Seleka Springs was implicated in misusing public funds after purchasing a Pilatus PC-24 twin jet  aircraft for DIS. According to reports in The Patriot on Sunday and The Sunday Standard newspapers, the jet is believed to have cost the government over P100 million.

Seleka Springs acted as agents in the transaction and allegedly benefitted to the tune of P17 million.

However, the alleged blacklisting has caused a challenge for the government because Seleka Springs allegedly holds several exclusive licences of major military suppliers in Europe.

Exclusive licences
The company is said to hold exclusive agency licences for Avis Vickers of the United Kingdom, Steyr-Daimler, and FN Herstal of South Africa and Belgium respectively who have all conducted business with the BDF. These companies supply specialised military equipment, ammunition and spares.