MP for Phikwe East, Kgoberego Nkawana asked the Ministerof Defense and Security to account for the farm’s livestock but is denied a response on the basis that the matter is before the courts.


A parliament question on the status of the wild and domestic animals at Tautona Lodge has reignited the fight over governments controversial purchase of the farm in 2021.
This week the Member of Parliament for Selibe Phikwe East, Kgoberego Nkawana moved a question in Parliament seeking information on the number of wild animals, domestic livestock at the time of the purchase and their current status.

In response, the Minister of Defence, Kagiso Mmusi said he could not respond to the questions as the matter is before the courts following legal action by the leader of Botswana Congress Party, Dumelang Saleshando.

Saleshando however charged that the Minister cannot use sub judice rule as an exuse to avoid accountability. In response, Mmusi promised to revisit the matter.

In an telephone interview, Nkawana said, “We also need to know whether the lodge is still running as a lodge or what?”

The controversial purchase of the Lodge was done under secrecy by the government in 2021 for fifty-eight million two hundred and forty thousand (P 58 240 000.00). The farm was previously owned by former Minister of Agriculture Christian de Graaff.

At the time of the purchase, the Minister of State Presidency Kabo Morwaeng defended the purchase claiming that the lodge would be used by government for training and research on the sand veldt environment, particularly wildlife, cattle rearing, agriculture and other uses.