The men behind the P250M scandal probe


Dr Abraham Sethibe –  Financial Intelligence Agency Director, is arguably one of Botswana’s most gifted and learned financial spies. This is obviously the mastermind behind the investigations owing to his skills, experience and versatility. When a suspicious transaction was detected by Capital bank it was reported to Financial Intelligence Agency-FIA for analysis. A big elephant like him would and should never labour to give birth to an ant. He recently told this publication that FIA enjoys operational independent.
He was recruited from University of Botswana (UB) where he was a lecturer at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting . Dr. Sethibe is well versed on issues of business and finance issues, which obviously worked in his favour to land the financial spy agency hot seat. He accumulated vast experience in the financial field after he published a research document titled, ‘Impediments to the development of stock markets in Southern Africa.’ This preceded his PhD in finance, which he acquired in 2009 at the Australian National University. Master of Arts (Banking and Finance) from the University of Wales, United Kingdom; Bachelor of Commerce Degree and Certificate in Law from University of Botswana and a Diploma in Accounting and Business Studies from the then Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce (BIAC).
He was appointed by the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Kenneth Matambo in 2013 for a period of five (5) years. Dr. Sethibe started his career in 1984 as a Detective Inspector at Botswana Police Services, responsible for investigation of complex and serious crimes, mainly fraud and theft of motor vehicles, training of new members as well as public prosecutor at the Magistrate Court. From 1994 to 1999, he was a Senior Investigator at Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) where he handled financial investigations and analysis, investigation of corruption, financial and commercial crimes and public prosecution at the Magistrate Court.
Sethibe’s FIA tenure commenced its core operations in February 2014 and has been found to be the only well structured and resourced institution to enable it to carry out its core functions.
His role in the investigations was to receive and analyse suspicious transactions and other information relevant to money laundering, associated predicate offences and terrorist financing, and for the dissemination of the results of that analysis to DCEC to act.
DCEC Director -Bruno Paledi
The 47 year old former cop is the final decision maker at the 23-year-old DCEC having replaced Rose Seretse in September. Paledi is not new to controversy having joined the BPS as an officer Cadet holding the rank of Inspector, rising  through the ranks to become one of the youngest Deputy Police Commissioners the country has ever had.
He graduated with a postgraduate diploma in education 1994 to his additional Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities but boasts a rich and decorated background in the field of investigations having served at the highest office of the Police. A no pushover who easily dismisses criticism with his trademark laughter. He leads a discredited body that has always struggled for its survival. The DCEC showed it still has teeth to bite in their resistance and tenacity in the other DIS director Isaac Kgosi case whose status and whereabouts is still anybody’s guess. Can they repeat their feat? Paledi will obviously want to make a mark at the corruption busting agency with this one. Bakang Seretse says his boys caught him unaware at his CBD office and arrested him.
Jaco Viljoen-Capital bank CEO
The Chief Executive Officer of Capital Bank of Botswana is also the Chairman of Botswana Institute of Bankers and Executive Member of Banker’s Association of Botswana. He manages the end to end running of the Capital Bank, including regulatory and compliance functions.
Viljoen has served for a long time in Nigeria under different Banks. The first man to raise a red flag in compliance with Section 21 of the Banking Act which requires Banks to submit suspicious transactions to their authorities failure of which attracts hefty penalties. Viljoen was only fulfilling his duty by raising an alarm when the P250 million transaction was made.
He describes himself as a well educated peak performer with 20 years of experience and success in directing banking activities to drive bottom line accountability and sustain banks’ growth in constantly changing, fast-paced environments. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Theology and BA hons in psychology.