“There Are Ulterior Motives In Majaga’s Extended Suspension”

  • Sources say the idea is to frustrate the MP into resigning from the party
  • Point to Majaga’s successive allegations as an alleged serial sex offender
  • BDP says suspensions are meant to give Majaga time to clear his name


The ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is reportedly intent on ejecting the MP for Nata/Gweta, Polson Majaga – whose 60-day suspension from membership was recently extended by another 60 days – from the party altogether.

However, the BDP says the suspensions are meant to give the MP time to clear his name in court because the charges that he faces are serious. Majaga was first slapped with a 60-day suspension from the party in May after he came under police investigation for allegedly defiling and impregnating a 16-year girl of Malelejwe cattle post in his constituency. After the 60 days ended, the BDP extended the MP’s suspension by another 60 days recently.

According to the sources, the party has had it with Majaga for allegedly being a serial sex offender and has decided to use suspensions to frustrate him into resigning early enough to find a replacement candidate for the next general elections in 2024. “Although he has not been convicted, the party feels that Majaga is dragging the party’s name in the mud,” said one source.

While it is not known who the BDP wants to replace Majaga, the name of Lawrence Ookeditse keeps on cropping up, as does that of Ditiro Majadibodu. In the last BDP primary elections, Majaga defeated both these men, as well as the constituency’s former MP, Olifant Mfa, and Ryner Makosha. He went on to beat Tirelo Ketlhoilwe of the Umbrella for Democratic Change and Joe Linga of the Botswana Patriotic Front in the elections.

Although Majaga had himself asked to communicate with The Botswana Gazette, he did not respond to questions sent to his phone.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the BDP’s Communications and International Relations Committee, Kagelelo Kentse, has dismissed the allegations of a plot to frustrate Majaga into resigning from the party and said extension of the suspension is meant to give Majaga time to clear his name before the courts.

“It is unfortunate that his suspension has been extended,” Kentse added. “The allegations against him are serious and the party is simply giving him time and space to clear his name before the courts.”