Tlhalerwa dumped Khama

  • Tlhalerwa was to continue as Khama’s Private Secretary
  • OP did not agree to Tlhalerwa’s demands


The former private Secretary to Ian Khama, Brigadier George Tlhalerwa elected to dump “his boss” when the Masisi administration refused to allow him to continue serving Khama on the same salary and package, Khama has revealed.
Tlhalerwa’s decision to leave however was always going to be easy as he had already made up his mind that he would retire after Khama’s tenure came to an end. Tlhalerwa told this publication before Khama left office that he would go into retirement after Khama’s departure, unless he could continue to be of service to the nation in another capacity.
However, during his nationwide farewell trip in Molepolole, during the final weeks of his presidency Khama caught Tlhalerwa off guard and announced that he was going to continue with Tlhalerwa at his new office as he had served him so well during his term.
Tlhalerwa at that time admitted that Khama did not inform him prior to the announcement but rushed to say he did not have a problem with the request as the matter would be discussed by the two former army officers.
Fate intervened when Khama left office and a vacuum in the position was created when “all hell broke loose.” Tlhalerwa, according to Khama requested that he be transferred to the former president’s office on his existing government package.
“The agreement was that he is continuing with me to the former president’s office but the office of president refused to accede to his request to allow him to maintain package,” Khama told this publication.
Khama says Tlhalerwa then informed him that he has commitments and cannot afford a reduction in his salary as that will only complicate things and will prefer to go look for a better employment.
“I understood his situation and was equally disappointed at how he was treated but there was nothing we could do. He eventually left,” Khama says.
Tlhalerwa told this publication that he was not willing to discuss his new employer but emphasized that it was not government.
“I won’t tell you where I work, but it is not government. I don’t think I am newsworthy anymore,” he said and added that he is happy and free at his new work place.
His former master however was generous with information saying Tlhalerwa has found employment in a private logistics company whose name he cannot remember from the top of his head.
Khama says he badly wanted to continue with Tlhalerwa or his controversial ally Isaac Kgosi because they come from a long way and previously worked together.
“You just don’t pick anybody to be your private secretary. It has to be somebody you know and who knows you,” Khama emphasised.
Asked about his acting private Secretary, Mabedi Letsholo, Khama says “we worked together at the office of the president and he has been doing so well to save the situation.”
It is not yet clear whether Khama is still insisting on hiring Kgosi to replace Tlhalerwa. The law firm he had instructed has revealed that he has instructed them to withhold the case in which he wanted to sue the office of the president for refusing bow to his demands to hire Kgosi. Isaac Kgosi was fired by President Mokgweetsi Masisi a few weeks after his contract as Director General of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security Service was extended by Khama.