Tshekedi, Ian Khama clash over Kgosi appointment


The Khama brothers, former president Ian and Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism, Tshekedi Khama are reportedly at odds over the controversial and possible appointment of former director of Directorate of Intelligent Services- Isaac Kgosi to Khama’s office as private Secretary. The latter is of the view that the call to appoint Kgosi has worsened relations between President Mokgweetsi Masisi and Ian Khama and further substantiates speculations that Khama is out to undermine Masisi.
Information gathered by this publication is that Tshekedi- an out spoken critic and nemesis of Kgosi- has offered his brotherly advice to Khama expressing his reservations over the manner in which he is escalating the Kgosi saga.
“Tshekedi is of the view that the Kgosi recall after his sacking by the President worsened relations and brewed emerging suspicions that Ian Khama is hellbent of fighting Masisi. He is further worried that the standoff is bad for not only Khama but for the Khama family as it is highly likely to be worsened and exploited by politicians,” revealed one highly placed insider who is among one of those who Ian Khama confided in.
Tshekedi blames Khama’s woes on Kgosi, whom he has on several occasions described as arrogant and reckless, the source further revealed. He further warned that following the unpopular recall, he (Tshekedi) is now skating on thin ice politically as he is viewed with suspicion because of his close ties with those that are deemed to be out to discredit or harm the President-Masisi.
“It appears he was blunt with his brother and further advised him that contrary to Ian Khama’s belief, Kgosi will do more harm to him than good but Khama said he informed Tshekedi that he does not know what the hullabaloo over Kgosi is all about, and reiterated his view that Kgosi served him well and to his satisfaction hence the need to bring him back to continue where he left,” revealed the source who concluded that Tshekedi was further informed that Kgosi is crucial to Ian Khama, particularly in the absence of former private Secretary Brigadier Tlhalerwa.
“It appears Khama does not want new faces besides him but only people he knows and those who know him.” the informer revealed.
Speaking to this publication Tshekedi said while his views on Kgosi are well known and documented, he has vowed never to publicly discuss Kgosi or anything to do with him.
“Like I once told you, even at the time at which he was dismissed, I decided not to even engage my conscience about the dismissal. So it is not true that I have discussed such a matter with the former president and I will not discuss it because I feel it is just not my business,” Tshekedi said. Despite this, this publication has it on good authority that Tshekedi has advised his brother to reconsider the matter.
The relationship between Tshekedi and Ian is said to have weakened, particularly on issues of national interest as the latter has a low opinion of the former’s astuteness. Khama, insiders say, hardly takes heed of Tshekedi’s opinions. At the height of the presidential succession jostling, Ian is said to have rejected Tshekedi’s bid without second thought reasoning that Tshekedi was still wet behind the ears and still has to learn the art of politics.
The standoff and mistrust between Kgosi and Tshekedi is said to go against Tshekedi’s interest as he will be forced to continue working with Kgosi should his brother’s bid to appoint him as his Private Secretary succeed. Tshekedi, as things stand will have to bank on Masisi’s position that Kgosi’s “appointment is not contemplated.”