UDC wants to meet AG over rejected constitution

BCP leadership asks Boko to update on Khama meeting


The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leader has told the Botswana Congress Party leadership that the crisis over the umbrella’s constitution as a result of the recent decision by the Registrar of Societies can only be addressed by the Attorney General, Abraham Keetshabe who he is scheduled to meet the parties.
Boko was presenting before the BCP leadership quarterly meetings last-week when he made the announcement. The meeting, he said, will clear and end the confusion around the recent decision by the Registrar of Societies to reject the coalition’s constitution.
The registrar recently left many shocked when she rejected the UDC constitution on the grounds that UDC is not a political party, but a cooperation agreement by four political parties for a common political goal.
“All four parties are listed in the schedule, therefore, in our opinion, the registration of UDC’s Constitution falls outside the scope of the Act,” she wrote.
Asked this week whether he has any scheduled meeting with UDC, Keetshabe told this publication that it is not true that he is scheduled to meet with the Umbrella for Democratic Change over such a matter.
The UDC, he said, was adamant that the Registrar had misdirected herself on the matter and that matter had to be dealt with from a legal perspective. The coalition posits that everybody knows that they are a political party just like the other parties as they are registered with the Registrar of Societies. They say they are recognised as a party even at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and Parliament.
Meanwhile the UDC which says they have not received any objection from its affiliates- Botswana Movement for Democracy and Botswana Peoples Party as claimed by the registrar.
Boko Meets BCP leadership..
Last week Boko addressed the Botswana Congress Party leadership where he allayed fears that the UDC was sinking and in tatters. The members of the BCP who attended the meeting said the meeting and engagements were cordial and friendly.
The BCP wanted a brief update on the state of the coalition and reiterated their view that the leader of the BMD is a huge stumbling block. Boko assured the party that everything was under control and they are on the verge of clearing outstanding issues.
Another issue that the BCP wanted clarity from was Boko’s new-found love with former president Ian Khama. “Boko confirmed the meeting and further said that he was just giving him his legal opinion on the matter in which he wants to appoint former intelligence Boss, Isaac Kgosi his private Secretary. He however assured the party that he is not and will not represent Khama.” Khama had however cited Boko as his legal representative in an interview with the media whose video clip was circulated on social media.
The BCP leader Dumelang Saleshando is of the view that time is not on the UDC’s side and advises that if the train cannot move the Botswana National Front and BCP must provide a coalition foundation and explore alternative ways of including other partners.