UDC’s Lenyatso says F/town is in a state of paralysis

Calls for co-ops to stimulate the economy


FRANCISTOWN: The economy of Botswana’s second city has been regressing over the years due lack of political leadership, the UDC’s candidate for Francistown West, Mbaakanyi Lenyatso, has said.

To address this regression and stimulate Francistown’s economy, Lenyatso called for transformation of the informal sector.

Such transformation could entail turning the city into an agriculture hub, upgrading Francistown the airport to international standards and resuscitation of cooperatives through SMMEs.

“The government has to understand that the informal sector is the one that supports the retail sector, Lenyatso said. “By legislating for its protection, you are automatically stimulating business activities between the informal sector and these retailers.

“Cooperatives bring groups together and there is empowerment and creation of employment. Since cooperatives do not target only one sector, automatically there is diversification of the economy.”

Lenyatso said it is sad that the government of the day is funding young people money through the Youth Development Fund (YDF) instead of mentoring them and setting them up in business. “Setting up such businesses for the beneficiaries could avoid unnecessary expenditure and misuse of the funds,” he added. “Most beneficiaries tend to misuse the money due to lack of monitoring.”

Lenyatso also called for a review of legislation on land to prevent land allocations to foreigners. “This would promote partnerships between foreigners and the Batswana, thus empowering Batswana,” he said.