Unemployment shouldn’t be blamed on government – Goya


FRANCISTOWN: Assistant minister of Education, Moiseraele Goya has criticised people who put the blame of unemployment on the government saying employment creation is not the responsibility of government alone.
Goya who was addressing a workshop by Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) and the Francistown City Council on Saturday explained that, tackling unemployment was a daunting task which needed the contribution of educated young people to play a part in finding solutions.
“I am aware that faced with unemployment, young people do not seem to resist the temptation of looking to government for all answers and solutions. For lack of jobs some even put the blame squarely on the shoulders of government,” he said. He said that government did not have a monopoly of wisdom and could not solve all problems by itself.
Applauding BAC for organising the workshop which was intended to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth, Goya said instead of looking for jobs that are unavailable, the youth should become creators.
“The issue of unemployment is a national challenge. It is therefore vitally important for us to use all means at our disposal to build capacity and help our young people to enter the labour market and become successful entrepreneurs,” he said.
Giving a motivational talk, author and lecturer at BAC, Dr. Wilbert Mutoko criticized the youth for failing to acquire knowledge and wasting time on social media.
“It us time you stop posting those unnecessary posts on social media platforms and instead put up some information that can help someone and you to grow. Invest in your own knowledge; research more. Most of the youth want to lead fancy lifestyles they can’t afford. You should sell these smart phones and invest in business, competition out there is real and unemployment is real. Do away with the spirit of being seen and labour,” he said.