Vetting a Painful but Necessary Process – Domkrag

  • Says opposition wants BDP to field weak candidates
  • Notes vetting was done in the best interests of the party




The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has described its vetting process as a necessary but painful exercise that is aimed at maintaining discipline and equality within the ranks of the party.


Despite some of the surprises that emerged from the party’s vetting outcomes, BDP spokesman Kagelelo Kentse insists the process was essential for upholding party values.


He singled out Odirile Sento (Vee Mampeezy) in Gaborone Central, Jeffery Sibisibi in Molepolole, Sadique Kebonang in Lobatse and Reaboka Mbulawa in Maun East for special mention as some of the candidates who were surprisingly vetted out in a process that is essential for upholding party values.


Slammed as undemocratic


“We may not have called every member to explain why they were vetted out but I can assure you that most will agree with the decision of the party,” said Kentse.


But the results have sparked criticism from both the BDP and opposition parties in which the process is being slammed as undemocratic.


“We know that the opposition are very interested in our primaries because they want us to field weak candidates that they can beat at the general elections,” said Kentse.


“But after the primaries, we will emerge a much stronger and a more united party that is guaranteed victory in the general elections.”




Prior to the primaries, certain BDP members were accused of violating party rules by campaigning prematurely and leveraging financial resources to gain advantage.


This behaviour caused discontent among party loyalists who said campaigning should be open to all members and not confined to those with financial means.