War Erupts at BDP Over Nata/Gweta

VP Tsogwane accused of being divisive


A three faced intra-Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) war has erupted at the Nata/Gweta Constituency. One faction is fighting for the incumbent Member of Parliament Polson Majaga, the second faction wants him replaced with Lawrence Ookeditse, while another faction wants Ditiro Majadibodu in, The Botswana Gazette can reveal.

The tussle  was stimulated by the recent meeting held by Party Chairman – Slumber Tsogwane where Ookeditse’s takeover was allegedly discussed.

Ookeditse, an MP aspirant, lost to Majaga in the 2018 BDP Primary elections. With Majaga recently facing defilement charges, some BDP members within the Nata/Gweta area want Ookeditse to replace Majaga. However, those who prefer Majadibodu have also waged a protest.

The Branch Chairman Molaodi Gaolebalwe has rubbished the allegations of infighting, but The Botswana Gazette is reliably informed otherwise.

As a result of Tsogwane’s meeting, another MP aspirant in that area, Majadibodu is said to have accused Tsogwane of divisive tactics. Like Ookeditse, Majadibodu lost the primaries to Majaga.

It emerges further that constituency members who are in support of Majadibodu are fuming at the VP, and so is the other group that still prefers Majaga.

Consequently, The Botswana Gazette is reliably informed that sympathizers of both Majadibodu and Majaga are demanding answers from Tsogwane.

By electing to facilitate for the endorsement of Ookeditse, Majaga and Majadibodu followers allegedly feel their preferred MP hopefuls have been deprived an opportunity to be endorsed in the constituency.

They further want Tsogwane to clarify why he invited only Ookeditse to the branch meeting while he is not part of the committee.

“Both factions feel that their preferred candidates should have been allowed to also canvass support from the branch committee. It has to be noted that as party Chairman and Botswana Vice President, Tsogwane has great influence that could easily sway support to whoever he prefers,” said a source.

“So as the BDP leader he should be neutral and desist from holding secret meetings in support of any candidate”.

Majaga was disappointed by the meeting.

He however declined to comment saying he no longer wants to entertain the media.

On the other hand, Majadibodu expressed discontent with the alleged meeting but reserved his comments insisting that he could only talk about the issue after getting all the information about what happened.

However, the Branch Chairman attacked Majaga and Majadibodu for spreading petty untruths in an interview.

“Tsogwane came to address us about the suspension of Majaga from the party. We have never discussed any plan to topple him. Majaga was briefed about the meeting and even made aware of the agenda,” Gaolebalwe said adding that even Ookeditse was not present at the meeting.

Gaolebakwe said instead, they should be thankful to Tsogwane because he personally cautioned those who have already spread untruths about Majaga’s possible exit.