Woman jumps to her death from Ministry of Youth 7th floor

“Knives were found in her bag”- Source


Police were called to the scene yesterday (Monday) after a young woman plunged to her death from the seventh floor of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (MYSC) building, in what is suspected to have been a suicide.
The young woman who police say is aged between 25 and 30 years of age is said to have gone inside the MYSC offices in Gaborone just before lunch time saying she was looking for someone. Botswana Police Service Spokesperson Senior Superintendent Near Bagali who confirmed the incident to The Botswana Gazette says they are yet to confirm if they have a suicide or murder case in their hands.
“We are still investigating the incident but what we know at this time is that she went into those offices saying she was looking for someone. It is reported that she later on asked to use the rest rooms, she then went to the seventh floor where she was later seen falling from,” he said.
Bagali  also confirmed that the woman later died at the hospital a few hours after the incident, he would however not be drawn into revealing more details about the incident and  said they are still waiting for the report from the hospital. The young woman, whose name has not been established by the police is said to have sustained critical injuries when she was taken to the hospital. He noted that it was still not clear whether the woman was a Motswana or not .
According to sources who were at the scene, police had found a wig and two knives in her bag, a claim that Bagali could not readily confirm, citing that their investigations are still at infancy stage.