Zimbabweans, Public Servants picked out in F/town West BDP Congress

  • Imposters identified in screening process
  • Zim nationals bolted when found out


Three Zimbabweans nationals and two public servants angling to participate in the weekend congress of the Francistown West Branch Congress of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) were picked out before they could cast their votes, The Botswana Gazette has established.

The congress was a crucial one where delegates to the national congress of the BDP, which is scheduled for Tsabong, were elected.

Screening process
Sources say the imposters were picked out in the course of the elections and after they were mobilised by unidentified members of the BDP to bolster their numbers to become delegates. However, a screening process revealed them as well-known Zimbabwean residents of Francistown and public servants.

“Before they could be interrogated the Zimbabweans ran away while the public servants were chased away by the Chairman of the Francistown Region, Baemedi Medupi, who was presiding over the proceedings,” said a source.

Reached for comment, Medupi dithered in his response. “I am not aware of foreigners and public servants trying to participate in our branch congress,” he said. “However, I cannot rule out the possibility of underhanded tactics, especially from people desperate for votes. These people have a tendency of doing anything in their power to win votes. But they have to understand that the party has a constitution that has to be followed.”

Short notice
Medupi said people who always devise plots to prevail usually fail to canvass for support in time and go on to accuse the party of injustices afterwards, including not being informed of events in time.

“It is worth noting that in politics we cannot all get information about the new developments, especially these branch congresses because they can come at short notice,” he noted. “However, resorting to underhanded tactics does not guarantee winning.”