A nation at a zebra crossing

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A Nation at Cross Roads– via BCP 2009 – 2014MANIFESTO, next timesomeone should remind BCP towrite another manifesto titled “anation at a zebra crossing”, or “anation at Gaborone Bus Rank!”Reading through their manifesto,you will realize that they havedone a tremendous job in exposingthe BDP’s short comings, eventhough are fabricated. This is awelcome development that all atTsholetsa house are happy about,because it is through such feedbackfrom our poll bearers thatwe can re – introspect and put ourTsholetsa house in order.Apart from the above, they actuallyhave nothing to offer as a party.



They just have a list of dreams,aims and promises, smartly listedwithout any substance and explanationas to how they are exactlygoing to achieve them and howdifferent they are going to be, frommy favourite DOMI.They have indirectly hinted thatours is a president who came intopower through the accident ofbirth as a result of him being theson of the fi rst president of Botswana.It now makes me wonderwhat other message they wantedto convey to us. I have been madeto understand that Saleshando Jr isthe son to Gilson saleshando, theformer BCP president, who directlypassed the baton to his sonDUMELANG – now how differentis the Saleshandos from theKhamas? Unless we were fed thewrong information as to who fatheredwho!Their pact with BAM is saidto be a collaborative effort, thatis an answer to the clarion call ofBatswana that opposition partiesmust work together to provide‘me”- the BDP voter with a credibleopposition.



I wonder if theyhad forgotten all about that ‘clarioncall of Batswana’ when theysnubbed Umbrella 1 talks! Maybethey also want to be called “a nationalproject…..”Military junta, dictatorship –these are the words that the BCP isin love with. I doubt if they knowthe defi nition and meaning ofthem! Let me help them; Junta: ‘agroup of military offi cers that governa country, unelected.’ Ours is acountry run by elected representatives,at free and fair elections. Ifthey doubt the free and fairnessof it, they should ask the internationalcommunity. The BCP is justbuilding a mountain out of an anthill,unless Saleshando himself is amilitary junta!They are also in love with theword “reclaiming”, which wascommonly used by that SouthAfrican PSL soccer team, that Ihate with passion, but lucky forthe soccer team, they indeed reclaimedtheir glory, which theyhad lost to my favorite Buccaneer.As for our toothless and emotioncharged BCP, I am not sure if theyhave anything to reclaim, anyway,the very long dream that they arein continues.I have learnt that promises arevery diffi cult to keep.



You canask my own President Ian Khamaabout that one, and yet BCP isin the habit of fi lling the wholemanifesto with empty promises.In politics it’s just the same winein different bottles, if BDP failedon some of their promises, whatmakes this BCP the masters ofkeeping promises? In all their unattainableand unguided promisesI have not seen where they showhow the current set up inconvenience’sor prejudices Batswanaand that Batswana don’t want thecurrent set up. This only showsthat they, as the BCP intend tothink for us, without our input.Talk about the true meaning of aDictator!Now they are crying foul that‘mong wa rona’ o aba dikobo le gotshola disoup thata. Jaanong kabone go lebega baka kgona go abamore than dikobo, ke eng ba sa reabele di navara ba re tsholela di‘KFC family meal?’Wishful thinking seems to bethe order of the day at BCP.



Theyfailed to manage a small misunderstandingwith regards to the formationof the Umbrella 1 project,and now they tell us that they canbe entrusted with our national resources,make crucial decisions onour behalf and hold our nationalpurse – NEVER! They shouldfi rst crawl back to the umbrella’snegotiating table with their tailbetween their legs. I have to setthe record straight, as much asI love my BDP, it is not perfect,and should the opposition formone solid party, then I will leavemy tired BDP for the opposition!Fighting corruption, they claim– the recent allegations of Saleshandoand his wife doing businesswith the BDP heavy weightsbears testimony that the BCP isnot different from the BDP afterall.



It also showed what kind of aSaleshando led government willbe. Power corrupts, and absolutepower corrupts, absolutely!In this entire long dream theyare in, I have not seen how andwhere they will get money toexecute their grand plan. Maybepart of their dream was that it willbe raining cash once they assumestate power! Can someone pleasewake them up for me, and remindthem that Motswaledi and Bokoare waiting for them at the Umbrellatalks. They should stop lyingto the nation about the stateof our country; ours is a countyat ease and peace with itself, andwe are indeed a nation at a zebracrossing!