Bec statement on 2012 jce exams audit report

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Early this year the Botswana Examinations Council informed the public that following its outcry over the delays in the release of the 2012 National Junior Certificate Examinations results, the low pass rate and the credibility of such results, the Governing Council of the Botswana Examinations Council resolved to institute an internal investigation audit. The purpose of   this investigation audit was as follows:


(i) To establish what happened during the 2012 examinations cycle with particular emphasis on the Junior Certificate Examinations

(ii) Suggest ways in which the examinations process could be strengthened

(iii) Make recommendations relevant to the conduct of examinations and assist BEC to best deliver on its mandate


The nation was also informed that in order to protect the integrity of the office of Executive Secretary, the Council resolved that the Executive Secretary, Dr. Serara Moahi should be suspended pending the completion of the investigation audit. The public is informed that following the receipt of the investigation audit report, Council has assigned recommendations of the report to its sub committees to ensure a speedy resolution of challenges identified. This is not only to ensure that the recommendations of the report are fully implemented but to use the report to inform the conduct of the 2013 examinations so that the challenges experienced in 2012 are avoided.


The investigation audit report recommended, among other things, that some matters should be subjected to further investigations or referred to third parties for action. Council has reviewed issues that require further investigations and determined that such investigations would require a considerable period of time to complete. Under the circumstances, the investigation audit cannot be said to be complete before matters that need third party investigations can be completed.  Based on the foregoing, Council has resolved to recruit a Caretaker Executive Secretary to ensure that the 2013 National Examinations are conducted successfully and are released on time without the challenges experienced in 2012. The Caretaker will also be expected to coordinate the work of Council subcommittees assigned to deal with recommendations of the investigation audit report and ensure that Council decisions are implemented expeditiously.


Finally, Council deeply regrets that the investigation audit report was leaked to the media before it could be subjected to scrutiny. It was never the intention of the Council to release the report to the public taking into consideration the sensitivity of examinations and implications of the report on BEC stakeholders and its employees.


Council however wishes to assure the public that it is determined to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that BEC delivers on its mandate.

Dr. J.Tsonope

Chairperson of Council