BPF Nec Decision To Join The UDC

The BPF NEC met on the 9th of August 2022 to discuss the outcome of the negotiations it had with the UDC on Saturday the 6th August. The NEC recognized that further clarification was needed for its members and stakeholders on the issue.

In this regard the NEC wishes to inform its structures, its members and the nation at large that for the purpose of forming an election alliance with the UDC, it considers it necessary to work closely with it to achieve this.

Therefore the announcement of joining the UDC for this purpose is a matter that will be put to the up-coming congress for consideration to ratify. In the meantime the BPF NEC will work with the UDC NEC as outlined in the statement in order to present comprehensive recommendations to its congress for ratification.

To effect this, the BPF shall have four members sitting in the UDC NEC. These are the offices of President, Secretary General, National Chairman and Publicity Secretary. Further to this, the NEC decided its members shall be meeting leaders of various party structures on this subject matter.

Lawrence Ookeditse
Publicity Secretary
Botswana Patriotic Front