For Sound Leadership, the BDP Youth Should Look No Further Than Vuyo Yane

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As the campaign trail reaches its conclusion leading to next weekend voting in Tsabong, a lot of focus has been on the top position, the chairmanship. The race has been an intense one as all five candidates have been making a final push to garner the crucial delegates to secure the top post.  The position requires an all-round candidate who is both an activist and an administrator, qualities which I strongly believe can be found in the current specially elected council member of Sowa Town Mr Vuyo Yane. This young man’s contributions and deeds are worth taking note of, especially at such a tender age of twenty seven. This is one man who is passionate about the Botswana Democratic Party, its ideals and as well as its progression into the future hence his desire to take a leading role in shaping the youth agenda of the party.
His political career started during his days as a young boy as he first voted in the Botswana Democratic Party primaries at the age of sixteen in Serowe South Constituency. That was the beginning of his steadfast commitment to the party. This is one area where he had dedicated his efforts, as he later on took a leading role in the 2014 general elections campaign of Dr Pelonomi Venson Moitoi ensuring the successful re-election of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. This was one campaign that attracted a lot of young people in the constituency for the first time. His activism was a key element in the recruitment drive of the constituency; he strongly believes it can be cultivated and implemented during his time as Chairman. The youth structure is facing an uphill battle from opposition parties in the quest to recruit and attract young minds into their structures which will ensure the longevity of the youth structure as well as the party in future, he believes there is still no alternative.
Upon entry into the highest learning institution he continued his political career as he was actively involved in the political environment. He contributed to the growth of the GS-26. This is where he was nurtured and refined to become a future seasoned politician (which he is today). The rough political landscape of the University has enabled him to become an expert on conflict resolution, developing a tough skin of dealing with disappointment. He knows and understands that the role of Chairman would not be an easy one, but he is up to the task of giving the youth wing direction and sound leadership to deal with them.
His talent and charisma is one the motivating force behind his selection as a specially elected council member. He has contributed to the growth and expansion of the Sowa Town Council by actively being involved in the daily running of the council and motion debates which shape policy formulation of the council. His skills and expertise on administration and policy analysis is one of the critical factors that are required for the growth and efficient running of the National Youth Executive Council. His negotiation and mediation skills are also to die for, a key factor which defines sound leadership. A continuation where his predecessor would have left to ensure a lively and vibrant youth structure.
As a youth, he is also dedicated to the progression of other young people through empowering them and nurturing their God given talents. He has established a local spectacular tournament in Serowe which acts as a platform for them to realize their dreams. It encompasses a whole lot of activities including but not limited to soccer, netball and chess.  This demonstrates his dedication as a passionate youth towards building strong communities and this is one of his goals which pushes him towards running. He is a business mentor who wants to help young hungry entrepreneurs to develop to their full potential and start strong and successful business entities. He assists them with how they can best benefit from government initiatives like the Youth Development Fund which is availed to them.
In conclusion, Mr Vuyo Yane is a well-rounded candidate which the Botswana Democratic Party youth can entrust their future to as he is both an activist and an administrator. He has dedicated his life to serve the Botswana Democratic Party and uphold its founding principles and its ideals.  He now wants to open a new chapter in his life by serving the biggest youth movement in the country.  He simply has noble aspirations of growing the youth structure by making it accessible to all young people and ensuring their personal development. He is much concerned about maintaining the National Youth Executive as a first point of reference for any youth seeking a political home to expand the red movement.
Goabaone Toy Wetsho
BDP Life Member