Indefinite postponement of the land march

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The committee planning for the petition to the Minister of Lands and Housing has decided to postpone indefinitely the planned March from Francistown to Gaborone that was scheduled to commence on August 31st 2013. We have been forced to postpone the march because of the following reasons:


1. The police permission has not been forthcoming. Just 9 days before the March we are being thrown from pillar to post by our Police Authorities.


2. We were unable to raise the necessary resource. We would therefore not be able to offer those who wanted to March the much needed support, especially water and food. We will however keep on pressuring the government through all means possible to reform land management policies and speed up servicing and allocation of residential plots.


We are very happy that we have managed to put the land issue into the national Agenda. We are aware that there is a Draft land policy that is before parliament that seeks to address some of our concerns.


We will be appearing before the Parliament Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, Land and housing at the beginning of September. We are therefore hopeful that our proposals will find way into the land policy.

Motlhaleemang Moalosi

Chairperson of the Land Petition Steering Committee