Khama continues to receive golden hand shakes

Botswana’s outgoing head of state Seretse Khama Ian Khama is bidding farewell to his fellow citizens, a gruelling exercise that kicked-off later last year and will go along until virtually all the recognised places in every part of the country are reached. It’s a great and outstanding obligation to heartily exhibit such a gesture to the citizenry notwithstanding the strictures by other Batswana who deem it a wasteful escapade.
The reception he was savouring and continues to relish from various Batswana communities in every village, town and city is quite astonishing and discrete. They are lost for words when depicting his amazing leadership style and all the rewards and welfare it brought about. One can reckon if his predecessors and forerunners were executing or not, it’s just a layman’s thought. In every session we learn that all the social classes are fully represented. From the youth through elders to the disabled. Virtually all the area MP’s have indubitably commended him in all respects and aspects with no hidden agenda. The youth would equally reminisce the profitable programmes geared towards emancipating them from hulky unemployment rates and extreme poverty that he initiated.
The disabled are dancing and singing songs hope as they have been incorporated in aid basket during his tenure. They are extolling him relentlessly displaying a good sense of gratitude. The old age pensioners similarly cannot thank him enough for the glorious days they have enjoyed and continue to enjoy. The Introduction of schemes and programmes geared towards improving their livelihoods have made positive encroachments in their dear lives. They all praise his leadership considering it a good, robust and composed one. They never cease to liken it to that of Jesus Christ who had many followers and continued to put their welfare and wellbeing at heart in spite of the uphill battles they were grappling with. “His diamond edge intelligence in resolving serious issues has earned him a respect in Africa during African blocs and summits”. This was averred by the current Minister of Finance & Development Planning during one of the recent farewell sessions.
They continue to state that his ascendance to the highest office had unearthed a lot of processes they were not conversant with, but owing to his leadership roadmap that accentuated the component of “delivery” government employees were obligated to perform beyond unexpected levels and hence definition and clarifications of various processes within government business. As they say, he is a colossal kind who stood firm by his word coupled with timeless follow ups. They labelled him as a saint that invariably worked tirelessly for the nation and the rest of the world. Not an absent president per se.
In his noble and well-articulated response, he would reassure Batswana of continual relations even off-office. In the second place he would evince gratitude modestly and meekly for the gifts which are mostly livestock, promising with commitment and dedication to keep them safely. In every assemblage he would remind people of the challenges he personally battled against as president when he assumed the office in the beginning of economic downturn. He said he fought tooth and nail to guarantee that he was at the helm of the vessel that nearly sunk. He tightened his ropes to avoid submergence. His claim would be testified by most MPs who equally approved him of his parental leadership of ascertaining that employees’ remunerations were not compromised or tampered with in the course of that awful era of credit crunch.
In person, I believe that what Batswana are doing is a true reflection of compassionate nation. They are noble, kind, and considerate. Even his detractors are paying homage despite their differences in legions of disciplines and bailiwick. This is a good nation that appreciates someone’s contribution particularly one who is the most senior citizen. The gifts they handed out wholeheartedly will go a long way describing our peculiarity in doing things. One other thing I really found pleasant and attractive about him was his unwavering and steadfast energy to travel the width and the breadth of the remotest areas in the country checking how his countrymen are doing, something that is very idiosyncratic to him. His benevolent gesture of giving donations to different organs and his passion for sport are true attributes of a statesman.
I conclude to urge Batswana to continue being a touchstone and criterion of African countries and beyond. The Golden hand shake you are giving our president is worthwhile and only God can give back benedictions to you. Dr. Khama, son of soil my gift to you is to wish you best health forever. I don’t have any material thing to express my confidence in you but just LOVE. Dear Sissy Boy, bon arrive. Batswana have laid a gold carpet for you. Kudos

Keodumetse Kidoh Boikano- Office Administrator Rakops Primary Hospital
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