Let us act on drugs

Our country is reeling under the scourge of drugs. The problem is eating out young people away at an alarming pace but many of us seem oblivious to this danger. The wide spread use of illicit drugs has not attracted much attention and campaigns like other social ills yet it poses an imminent threat to the fabric of our society.

Young people who are now deeply immersed into drug use are struggling to come out. Their lives are in tatters, with hopeless and an uncertain future in the horizon. Organised syndicates of heartless drug cartels are feasting out of this growing number of new drug converts and recruits. The potent platforms are schools, where our children go to learn. Their vulnerability has made them easy targets.

Our uncaring society is not helping the situation with its see no evil hear no evil attitude. The tendency of thinking that one has their own life and whatever they do with it is their choice flies on the face of one of the nation vision pillar if a compassionate and caring nation.  We can’t talk compassion while we let those we live side by side with perish at our watch.  We are a nation of hypocrites who selectively and conveniently pick what we want to view as wrong expediently. This is our downfall as a people.

Some years ago when he was still a member of parliament, the president of the Botswana Congress Party Dumelang Saleshando suggested that government should set up a rehabilitation centre to deal with victims of drugs and drug addicts.   One would have hoped that the much touted alcohol levy would have come in here.

We need a rehab to deal with the sad consequences of drugs in the nation. It is time robust steps are taken to address this humongous problem. Rhetoric should come to an end and replaced by tangible action.  Our law enforcement agencies should develop strategic plans geared towards actively dealing with drug problem in the country- currently they are not convincing.

Civil society should equally act on this matter. Churches should move beyond the pulpit and face this problem head on.  It can›t be business as usual when the nation is perishing and being wasted away.

Public education campaigns must be accelerated to sensitise the public about this danger. Community focus group discussions should be set up to provide platforms through which communities can help fight this scourge. Time to wake up and act. #DrugsMustFall

Banks Ndebele