Open letter to Duma Boko

Hello Sir. I hope this letter finds you well.
It is my first time writing this kind of letter to you. I must apologize that the letter had to be seen by several pairs of eyes before it reached you, which was necessarily done to build evidence that we could rely on in future, if we are to be called to account and prove that this letter was actually written and reached you.

I am directing your attention to the misplaced zeal and pride of many of the UDC members. These tendencies are building a spirit of opposition fundamentalism and political extremism inside their souls. When possessed by these spirits they would expect that everyone and everything should and must be seen to be in agreement with the principles, intentions and actions of the UDC and its leadership.

You made them believe that any voice different from yours or a subject that holds a position which is in the contrary should become a target for total annihilation. Having everyone and everything in agreement with your views and ideas cannot be possible in this world on any day. Therefore members of your party should be ready to come across and engage with people of different backgrounds, of different expertise and of different views, who may not necessarily acknowledge the supremacy of your wisdom and agenda.

I urge you to have them informed of the possibility of an existence of superior and overriding opinions in society. You must publicly acknowledge for their sake, that you do not have the monopoly of wisdom and knowledge, and that the opinions of great thinkers and philosophers you frequently refer to never went unchallenged. If these people [UDC members] cannot be corrected now they would grow to become dangerous to the nation just as Islamic fundamentalists are to the whole world.

Your political message this season has been a resemblance of that of a man who has detached himself from the realities of his time. You have been speaking to imaginary people in an imaginary place. I make this from the method, the language and the approach you have chosen in your addresses to the masses lately.

The message I have listened from you this summer cannot be relevant to an audience that you see in Kanye and Marobela, if you knew of these realities you could have chosen another way of having your ideas and opinions communicated to these people. You leave many people wondering about what you may have been trying to tell them. The languages and vocabularies that you choose to adopt are way too complex and are not relevant for the situation you would be expected to speak about. The philosophies you refer to, such as those of Socrates are obsolete and out of our context. What you say to our people does not change the way they used to think about themselves and their lives.

It does not make people believe the UDC could bring any meaningful changes to the way they used to live around here; rather it makes them to become afraid of political discourse and to idolize you, because they cannot question or address what they do not understand. If you cannot realize the danger of the things I am pointing at, then you would clearly belong to a class of people who believe in building imaginary things in their visions and then making assumptions that the same hallucinations are the correct public opinion.
I personally do not believe you are such kind of person, I believe you will move swiftly to take another look at your role and revise your public speaking techniques. Condoning criticism and accepting to receive advice from the local people would go a long way in refining the relevance of your message and making it consumable to the ordinary people of this country.

It is again your responsibility to make sure that members of your party have the required skills for participating in discussions about and for making arguments on policy related issues. They are expected to represent you and the UDC in relaying the action plan you intend to follow after 2019 to the masses. In doing so they should be focused entirely on issues that really matter. As things can be seen and told today your followers do not understand you and what you want, they do not know what the UDC is preparing to achieve and how it intends to do that.

What they have at best is the patience to utter rhetoric while preparing to defend your actions and your public utterances. That has made your people to recognize and worship you as their demi-god.

This “Bokoism” cult has brainwashed people to abandon their own logic when trying to find reason in the assessment and address of socio-economic issues, rather they prefer to rally behind your opinions as their holy man. It might not be wrong to do that when your opinion is always reasonable and correct, however like we all know you are fond of making baseless statements that you cannot verify when called to do so.

Moreover you are always found wanting when you try to make sense in political discussions. So these people cannot be right to stand by and defend you when they do not understand you and when you do not make sense at all.
My request is for you to remind the followers you have that you are not a god and cannot develop to become one, therefore you should never be worshipped at any time. Agreeing to that would mean that you acknowledge that whoever shall be found to be worshiping or causing your name [and you] to be worshiped would be committing a horrendous sin that would lend them in hell fire.

Now that they would have understood your position as to that, remind them that you are not a life President of the UDC, they should be conscious of the truth. They must be ready to accept that you are subject to replacement. In fact your replacement may need to happen sooner than it is expected because you were not given the mandate to lead the UDC by the people; it is something you got as a favour from a good old friend – the late Gomolemo Motswaledi.
I am your Comrade,
Titus Wa Nteyathei