Press statement: in response to an article on Boitekanelo College

On Wednesday 17th August 2016, The Botswana Gazette newspaper carried an article on its second page, concerning Boitekanelo College and its founding President, Dr Tiro Mampane.
The same article contained a series of untruths and misrepresentations of facts which if left unchallenged, have the potential to mislead undiscerning readers and cause unnecessary confusion especially amongst our stakeholders, who have been with us as an organization for the past nine years of our existence.
While we are not in the habit of responding to newspaper articles, the Board of Directors and Executive Management strongly felt that if the Botswana Gazette story is left unchallenged it could be perceived to be true, threatening the confidence and the goodwill the organization enjoys from its stakeholders. It is therefore against this backdrop that Boitekanelo College would like to assure its stakeholders, suppliers, clients, students, future students, dedicated staff and strategic partners that the College is not in financial crisis or “melt down”.
Based on our commitment to good corporate governance, transparency and our believe in the media responsibilities to fairness and objective reporting, we have decided to respond to dispel the myth and hype created by the article and the sensational of issues raised. We however will remain friends to the media for without them our brand will not have reached the recognition it enjoys now.
Despite the industry challenges and our humble beginnings as one of the only citizen owned youth enterprise, we remain resolute and committed to our group strategy, which encompasses regional presence. Over the past five years, the College balance sheet and cash book has grown as evidenced by our annual audited financial accounts by PwC which can be verified through Botswana Qualifications Authority as it is a requirement to submit audited financial accounts to our regulators. The story is not only misleading but has serious implications on the College which is in pursuit of truly becoming a regional player in Health Care education.
In relation to quality of education, the College prides itself of good robust quality strategy underpinned by the structures in place being an independent board of academic council constituting of highly professional individuals, academia’s and captains of the industry to ensure quality service delivery. The College also abides by standards and norms upheld by Botswana Qualifications Authority, Botswana Health Professions Council, Botswana Nursing and Midwifery Council, Ministry of Education and Skills Development and Ministry of Health as its regulators. Of course the road has not been easy, the College has experienced teething problems as first movers, Leaders and Pioneers in Private Health Education in Botswana. With the commitment and support of the Botswana Health Professions Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council, the road is becoming clearer.
It is against this background that we wish to assure men and women from the professional councils that as a College, we are committed to quality education which remains a cornerstone of our existence. This is demonstrated by our investment to infrastructure development, investment in state of art teaching aids and well equipped simulation laboratories.  In line with Tsa Badiri renumeration survey the College has invested in recruiting and retaining highly qualified faculty members of which 95% are Batswana with post graduates degrees including Doctoral degrees at competitive rates. To our over 2000 students, over 420 employees aluta continua, we trust and believe that these are just growing pains.
As for the College, it’s never easy, but we strive to be the best we can under the circumstances prevailing in Botswana. We look forward to our 10th anniversary in May 2017 and continue to develop and render industry driven programmes accredited by both Botswana Qualifications Authority and Botswana Health Professions Council or Botswana Nursing Council. The executive management is fully aware of the responsibility that comes with being Pioneers as we are paving the way for many generations to come and many institution to follow, and as such we will never allow a financial melt down of our beloved College.
To our former employee Prof Elci, we wish him and his family good life and prosperity in his future endeavors. We appreciate his time with us.
Group Marketing and Communications Manager
Bickie Phetogo