Thank you to Ramotswa police!

We had the robo-alarm ringing last night and later during the day another huge scare (Wednesday the 9th Dec) when a little boy who stays in our premises with his young neighbour friend were held at knife’s point by four cowardly youths (likely the very guys who triggered our alarm) on the main road from our house to the chicken farm.

The boys had P60 to buy meat and vegetables for their granny and shared a bicycle to get there.The four youths stole this pathetic amount off them and threatened them so badly with the knife that they ran into the bush in utter panic and had to be searched for by several vehicles with our son joining in.
The bicycle was destroyed by the robbers with several knife-slashings.

We immediately called the police and they responded extremely worried by these actions indeed perhaps as such young innocent children were involved and acted promptly.

Our gardener and his friend helped track the robber’s footprints in the direction of Ramotswa/Taung (the hell hole where most of this area’s culprits nowadays seem to originate from) past the large house on gun runners hill but in a clever twist, they actually looped back on themselves, obviously trying to mislead any possible trackers. The culprits were actually caught by the police this very same day in a farm in Notwane along Kingfisher road, where they were supposed to attend to and water plants.

Our staff and the boy were driven there by my son to identify the 4 robbers who were held at gunpoint by a police officer and sat crouching on the ground.
They were all minors still (can you believe it!!!!) with the mother of one even phoning in trying to sway the boys’ granny to drop all charges in exchange for some money which she fortunately refused.

They will be seen by social services in Ramotswa next and we can only hope that they are able to sort these nasty youths out and talk some sense into their dreadlocked heads.

The brutal actions and cold manners these minors were already displaying plus so unperturbedly lying through their teeth are most worrisome for the future and bode not well for possible rehabilitation.

We are extremely grateful and impressed with the Ramotswa police, as in this instance they found the culprits quickly and our little boy could see right there and then that evil does not pay—an important lesson to all children and youths and that the state cares for the well-being and safety of its citizens and children through its extended arm: the police.

We will rest easy here tonight, especially our two poor innocent little victims.

Thank you!
Rika Franken