The conversation with a man of diverse backgrounds

Ken Sharpe is a man with a diverse background. Born in Rhodesia, he experienced a nomadic childhood which shaped his early rise and success in business.

One can argue his childhood had a fundamental influence on the businessman tycoon he grew up to be, more so beginning at a very tender age of 21.

Sharpe was born and raised in Mazoe near, Christon Bank. Over the years they moved between Bulawayo and Shamva before finally relocated to South Africa. His father was into mining.

He moved to South Africa at the height of the apartheid war in 1978. He returned to Rhodesia in 1980 at the age of seven years. Ken was thrown into a new era of social change, cultural integration and uncertainty from a land he used to be familiar with.

In 1988, At age 16 Ken moved to UK and less than two years later came back to Zimbabwe to moan the death of her aunty. This is where he met the love of his lifeSharpe was born and raised in Mazoe near, Christon Bank. Over the years the moved between Bulawayo and Shamva before finally relocated to South Africa. His father was into mining Ludmila Sharpe. Ludmila was from the Ukraine (Soviet Union at the time).

However, this was just a means to an end as the real story and truth be said was he had fallen in love with a woman from USSR and because his Dad would not support him he had no option but to support himself and follow his heart to go get his future bride from Ukraine in Soviet Russia to start a life together in Zimbabwe. The couple were married in 1993 and three years later welcomed their only daughter, beautiful Tatiana.

Raising their daughter Tatiana in Zimbabwe where they agreed to bring her up despite the options of living overseas, the family also agreed to sponsor and foster their son Denzel in 2008.

Ken’s family is his number one priority and main source of hope, inspiration, courage and love with traveling, cycling, theatre, skiing, outdoors, adventure sports, his faith and philanthropy also part of his interests.

He’s also discovered an immeasurable passion and gratefulness for just being alive and enjoying the simple blessings of being able to see, breath, walk, talk and hear; especially after he was given a second chance to live following a near fatal ski accident that put him in a coma for 5 days.

The 16thJanuary 2007 would be another life altering moment for the young businessman, as a result of skiing off-piste without a helmet and hitting his head into a tree, he suffered from the possibility of permanent brain damage and memory loss.

According to doctors, his chance of survival was only 2% and almost a 100% assurance that IF he awoke from the coma he would be a vegetable with no memory  or faculties; the outcome looked bleak.

After surgery and many prayers from friends and family, Ken miraculously woke up after five days in a coma; ironically on his daughter’s 11th birthday.

The miracle was not just to be alive and out of the coma but that his brain (now 98% of its original size) functioned perfectly and immediately on waking up he was able to remember everything up to the moment he lost consciousness and like he says ‘the pause button was pressed and played when I woke up, like nothing has happened’.

But during what seemed like his hour of desperation and shortly after a very fast recovery, Ken had a spiritual encounter with God which altered his perception and perspective on life, where we come from, why we are here and where we are going.

He believes life is a precious gift from God and what we do with it is our gift to Him. His purpose and mission going forward is to make really lasting and sustainable changes in his personal, family and business life.

Ken actively participates in charitable and philanthropic activities in his country and all over the world.

Ken has also interacted at a senior Government level in Zimbabwe in an attempt to try and contribute positively toward the socio/economic impact he has in his homeland by making a difference.